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Aug 27, 2019

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It isn’t all that uncommon for us to have a long-time customer come to the shop to pick up an order and suddenly learn that we manufacture other products that they require.  Another scenario in which this will typically play out is when a customer passes our booth at a trade show and sees all of our products on display side by side.

We love our customers and we are proud of our reorder rate and our Net Promoter Score, which currently sits at 94 (on a scale of -100 to +100, with an industry average of 35).  We focus heavily on cranking out custom orders, quickly, and to the customer’s exact specifications.  Our goal, as silly as it sounds, is to make the customer’s experience as luxurious as possible.  One place where we tend to fall a little short is in marketing, so I will take this month and this blog post to lay it all out there.   And bear with me, it is a lot!

One struggle I have when trying to classify our products is whether I begin to classify via substrate or equipment used?  Much of these overlap.  For the purposes of this blog, I will go by substrate.

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Stainless Steel:  We offer multiple grades and thicknesses and we can laser etch, rotary engrave, acid etch, and screen print.

Aluminum Tags Plates

Aluminum:  We offer multiple types of aluminum, such as Durablack, Alumamark, and anodized.  We can laser etch, acid etch, screen print, and rotary engrave.  We also engrave and etch on customer-furnished powder coated aluminum.

Tags Custom Acrylic

Plastic:  We offer the Romark brand plastic material as well as Norplex (for those of you who utilize phenolic).  We will rotary engrave or laser etch.  We also can print directly on plastic, coat it in vinyl, and we have screen printed on it as well.

Vinyl Digital Printed

Vinyl:  Digitally printed standard vinyl (and our standards are higher than most), digitally printed Hi-Tack vinyl, with standard and scratch-resistant lamination options.  We also offer screen printed vinyl and large-volume decals on rolls.

Tags Brass

Brass: We can engrave, acid etch, and screen print. A variety of thicknesses available.

Tags Magnesium

Zinc and Magnesium: Etching

Tags Tyvek

Printed Materials:  Tyvek, Vinyl, Cardstock tags, Business Printed Materials (think calendars, notepads, envelopes).


Soft Goods:  Embroidery, screen printing, and vinyl pressing on a variety of soft-goods, such as t-shirts, hats, towels, etc.

Ad Specialty

Ad-Specialty: As SAGE members, we have access to a voluminous database of suppliers.  We can find some pretty specific things.  We once had somebody wanting to order soccer playing teddy bears wearing a specific jersey for a soccer team and yep, we found them.

Marine Signs

Marine Signs:  Options include printed reflective vinyl, retro-reflective, digitally printed photoluminescent signage, IMO signs.

Vinyl Aluminum Signs 2

OSHA and OSHA Type Signage

Vinyl Aluminum Signs 2

OSHA and OSHA Type Signage


And of course, awards.