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With a lighter weight, aluminum is an economical option for projects that require vivid color and less durability. Our aluminum signs and tags are available in standard aluminum alloys as well as 1100, 1145, 5052, 6601, as well as a variety of anodized materials. Thickness available from 0.003” to 0.250”, and sizes ranging up to 48” x 48”. Available in a variety of mounting options, custom corners, shapes, and sizes. Machine stamped serial numbers are also available.

Aluminum Signs for Corporate Identity

Corporate ID plates can be acid etched, laser-etched or screen printed. Available in stock thicknesses from .020″- .050″, as well as custom thicknesses and sizes.

aluminum laser engraving for signs

Data Plates

These data plates can be mounted or welded directly onto equipment. Plates can be acid etched, laser-etched, or screen printed, and are rated for use in harsh environments. Available in stock thicknesses from .020″-.050″, as well as custom thicknesses and sizes.

aluminum signs for data plates for equipment

Aluminum Signs,Tags and Plates

We can create custom aluminum signs, tags and plates to fit nearly any need. Tags and plates can either be acid etched, screen printed, sublimated, or we can apply a vinyl overlay.  Furthermore, if you are unsure of the method you need, we can assist in helping you determine which method will work best for your aluminum engraving requirements.

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aluminium tags and plates signs

Aluminum Coated Tags

For a more flexible aluminum tag, we offer aluminum engraving for coated tags, which are very thin and can mold to nearly any surface. We can provide these tags in light or heavy-duty weight, with or without adhesive.

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aluminium signs coated tags

Vinyl Coated Aluminum Signs

A self-adhesive vinyl decal is laminated with a clear overlay, then rolled onto the aluminum to produce high quality, full-color image. Great for signs of all sizes, these can be produced on sheets up to 48″ x 144″ and in thicknesses of .040″, .060″, and .080″. Vinyl coated aluminum signs are an economical option that is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

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aluminum vinyl coated tags

Sublimated Aluminum

For powerful, high definition text and graphics, and photographic images, we can sublimate on aluminum sheets up to 12″ x 15″ and in thicknesses of .020″ and .030″. Therefore, the results are stunning, but currently only approved for indoor use.

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sublimation aluminium sheets

Laser Etched Aluminum

If you require low quantities of aluminum tags and plates, laser-etched aluminum is to be considered. While laser etching cannot be done on traditional aluminum alone, it can be done on anodized aluminum, AlumaMark, and DuraBlack aluminum.

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laser etched aluminium tags and plates

Metal Photo

Metal photo is a specialized type of photosensitive anodized aluminum designed to stand up to hard use and harsh environmental conditions. After the aluminum is anodized, text and images are actually sealed inside the metal. Both steps ensure protection against corrosion, sunlight, temperature changes, abrasion, salt spray, and exposure to chemicals. Furthermore, these steps also guarantee the plaque, nameplate, sign, label, or tag will remain smooth, crisp, and legible for years to come.

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aluminum signs engraving on metal photo plates and tags


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