Custom Plastic Signs and Tags



Our plastics are available in a multitude of thicknesses, custom decorative corners and edges, custom mounting holes, and a variety of adhesive, mounting, and hardware options.

Acrylic Tags

We use high quality Rowmark engravable plastics that are UV stable and suitable for exterior use. These materials can be used to create interior signage, control panels, control system tags, and safety signage. Products can be either surface or reverse engraved, with a matte, glossy, or textured finish. They are available in most colors, and sized up to 24″ x 48″ at either 1/16″ or 1/8″ thickness. The shapes, corners, and mounting holes on the product are nearly limitless and customized to your specifications. This material can be rotary engraved or laser etched to your specifications. To mount your custom engraved product, we provide a 3M™ adhesive. This urethane foam tape is 1/32″ thick and features a high-shear acrylic adhesive with a high temperature resistance for use in extreme conditions.

Phenolic, Lamacoid and Traffolyte Plastic Tags

These materials are less frequently used. However, they can be manipulated in the same manner as acrylic. The terms ‘phenolic’, ‘lamacoid’, and ‘traffolyte’ are sometimes used generically to identify ‘engraved tags’. True phenolic is very brittle—it flakes and scratches easily—and is not UV stable, making it unsuitable for external use.

Plastic Tags

On a daily basis, we produce a multitude of unique tags and signs for customers in a variety of industries. Our Rowmark material is versatile in color, size is UV stable, and suitable for exterior service.

plastic signs

Corporate ID

For multi-color logo tags, we use reverse engraved Rowmark material. We use a paint filling process on the backside of the tag thus creating a smooth, colorful, and accurate logo. We offer your choice of 3M™ adhesive for mounting, or predrilled custom mounting holes.

multi-color logo tags

Plastic Printed Signage

Flatbed printing allows us to transfer full-color images directly onto plastic materials. This process is ideal for the fast production of high-quantity orders and is also used frequently to create photo-luminescent signage. Plastics printed on a digital flatbed printer are rated for exterior use.

plastic printed signage

Plastic Architectural Signage

Our architectural signage can be made from a variety of materials including plastic, aluminum, brass, magnesium, zinc, and copper depending on your application. We can provide a multitude of different frames, hardware, and adhesives. When regulations or customer requirements dictate, we can provide ADA Braille signage in many of the above materials. Additionally, our modular and directory signage solutions help to ensure that the public never gets lost in your facility.

plastic architectural signage

Vinyl Coated Plastic

A self-adhesive vinyl decal is laminated with a clear overlay, then rolled onto the plastic to produce high quality, full-color image. Vinyl coated plastic signs are an economical option that is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

vinyl coated plastic signs

Custom Safety Signs

We also manufacture custom industrial and safety signs suitable for all industries. We have vast experience in dual-language signs. Our signs are rated for both interior and exterior use and will be made to your exact specifications.

custom safety signs

Control Panels, Schematics, and Dials

Control panel requirements are often varied in size, color, and shape. We can produce a multitude of products for the labeling of control panels, such as basic 1″ x 3″ or 3/4″ x 2″ tags, detail tags, or even complete control panel overlays. Our experienced staff can engrave even the most complicated schematic panels and our rigorous quality control standards assure your job is done without error and to your exact specifications.

control panel labeling


Lexan is a polycarbonate sheet material that can be printed and cut to your specification. It is suitable for harsh indoor and outdoor environments, as well as high temperature applications. It is available in thicknesses of .002” – .060.



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